Practicing virtue…

On May 12, 2006, Jesus said: “….to increase in any virtue, the soul must practice the virtue.” 

I know about practicing. I practiced a musical instrument for (billions of?) hours when I was a child and college student. I understand the difference between muscle memory and thinking  or performing as you go. I think there is such a thing as spiritual-muscle memory, too. For instance, if I have a bad habit–and I do/did–of thinking very very little of the person driving ahead of me, whether because of the way they drive or a particular bumper sticker that turns me off, to improve in Holy Love means that I have to change that habit. And driving certainly affords the practice. So, I begin by saying: “I extend to that Jerkus Maximus ahead of me the Blessing of Divine Love.” Then I tell Jesus that He should be remarkably proud of me for trying, and oh boy I am so holy. I keep on keeping on, and then one day I no longer call that person “Jerkus Maximus” (or the colloquial equivalent), but say to myself: “This person might just have certain qualities that I could use.” It is so easy for me to just get in the habit of hating people on the road. I don’t know them, but I can (?) sum up their entire life and existence by the way they drive. Well of course not really…and I don’t wish to hate others on the road anymore. Jesus help me to practice Holy Love towards strangers, especially when I drive.

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