Practicing virtue…

On May 12, 2006, Jesus said: “….to increase in any virtue, the soul must practice the virtue.” 

I know about practicing. I practiced a musical instrument for (billions of?) hours when I was a child and college student. I understand the difference between muscle memory and thinking  or performing as you go. I think there is such a thing as spiritual-muscle memory, too. For instance, if I have a bad habit–and I do/did–of thinking very very little of the person driving ahead of me, whether because of the way they drive or a particular bumper sticker that turns me off, to improve in Holy Love means that I have to change that habit. And driving certainly affords the practice. So, I begin by saying: “I extend to that Jerkus Maximus ahead of me the Blessing of Divine Love.” Then I tell Jesus that He should be remarkably proud of me for trying, and oh boy I am so holy. I keep on keeping on, and then one day I no longer call that person “Jerkus Maximus” (or the colloquial equivalent), but say to myself: “This person might just have certain qualities that I could use.” It is so easy for me to just get in the habit of hating people on the road. I don’t know them, but I can (?) sum up their entire life and existence by the way they drive. Well of course not really…and I don’t wish to hate others on the road anymore. Jesus help me to practice Holy Love towards strangers, especially when I drive.


About slowestpilgrim

An elderly woman who is simply grateful for the Holy Love messages at Maranatha Spring in northeast Ohio. Jesus, Mary, and the saints have much to teach, and I have far to go. In struggling to live and choose Holy Love in every present moment, I'm challenged to get off my "spiritual duff" and think about areas of my heart that need improvement in the eyes of God.
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